Review | BLACK FUCKING CANCER Spreads Malign Wrath on Procreate Inverse

            A malignance is doomed to metastasize in the USA with the imminent release of Procreate Inverse, and it carries the raw hostility from the self-titled debut of BLACK FUCKING CANCER into elevated chaos and savagery. These energies are harnessed to compose plaguelike embodiments that roam across the blackened spectrum, with the genre’s origins assertingContinue reading “Review | BLACK FUCKING CANCER Spreads Malign Wrath on Procreate Inverse”

Review | IMMOLATION Scorches Through Darkness on Acts of God

            A brooding glare rises with the eleventh full creation from one of classic death metal’s most revered names, and its power attacks the corruption lurking behind humanity’s institutional facades. IMMOLATION is known for incorporating darker shades within their breed of brutality, and Acts of God maximizes this aspect in the crushing imposition of itsContinue reading “Review | IMMOLATION Scorches Through Darkness on Acts of God”

Review | HEXEREI Calls Forth Nefarious Might on Ancient Evil Spirits

            An effort conjured last year is now becoming physically realized through Sentient Ruin Laboratories, and it introduces one of Finland’s newest hostilities in the form of HEXEREI, whose arrival brings the full wrath and possession of Ancient Evil Spirits to our material plane. This title speaks for itself, and it directs malevolence with primevalContinue reading “Review | HEXEREI Calls Forth Nefarious Might on Ancient Evil Spirits”

Review | SPARTAN Conquers with the Might Of Kings and Gods

            An ancient past is awakened as SPARTAN returns with their second full-length epic, and it possesses mighty attributes to reflect the apt title Of Kings and Gods. Tales surrounding these ruling forces are portrayed through a power and melodic death metal alliance, where detailed fretwork and rhythms forge ahead with conspiring vocal commands,Continue reading “Review | SPARTAN Conquers with the Might Of Kings and Gods”

Review | BEHOLDER Conjures Malignant Forms on Arcane Subreptice

            The year is off to a vicious start as Canada’s BEHOLDER casts their newest creation into these wretched times, and Arcane Subreptice advances the dark pursuit initiated on 2019’s Ancien Monde with a full dose of wrath. Clandestine formulas produce numerous malevolent energies within a cold thrashing fury, and other influences are also encounteredContinue reading “Review | BEHOLDER Conjures Malignant Forms on Arcane Subreptice”

Review | ARCHGOAT Illuminates on Worship the Eternal Darkness

            Darkness often reveals a path toward the hidden light, and it’s the light of Lucifer being pursued by these distinguished Finnish masters. The course of past releases continues to evolve as ARCHGOAT returns with their latest unholy offering titled Worship the Eternal Darkness, and it steadily delivers their signature barbarism while employing other elementsContinue reading “Review | ARCHGOAT Illuminates on Worship the Eternal Darkness”

Review | CRADLE OF FILTH Orchestrates Epic Dread on Existence is Futile

            For the past year or so, the product of ominous intuitions stemming from overpopulation has been confined to the shadows, but now it finally comes to light as the UK legends unveil their newest opus titled Existence is Futile. Its design shows CRADLE OF FILTH taking a nihilistic approach to grandeur in a conspiringContinue reading “Review | CRADLE OF FILTH Orchestrates Epic Dread on Existence is Futile”

Review: GRÀB Embraces the Beyond on Zeitlang

            Death gradually becomes an acquaintance as life progresses, and its final embrace is inevitable at some point along the path. The approach of this end stage is often accompanied by lifetime contemplations and a withdrawal from society, along with a newfound strength while joining with darkness, and these tendencies aren’t just limited to elders,Continue reading “Review: GRÀB Embraces the Beyond on Zeitlang”

KRVNA Summons Eternal Night on Sempinfernus

            Power. Immortality. Mystique. These are some of the qualities possessed by one of folklore’s most notorious entities, and its likeness is thoroughly personified in a new manifestation from the ancient crypts of Australia. The origin of this being was introduced a couple of months back on Long Forgotten Relic, and now KRVNA is setContinue reading “KRVNA Summons Eternal Night on Sempinfernus”

SATURNIAN MIST Achieves Gnosis on Shamatanic

            I first discovered these Finnish wizards back in 2015 with their second grimoire titled Chaos Magick, and to me it was one of the most unique works in recent years. I’ve been eagerly waiting for more new material since then, and now SATURNIAN MIST have returned with Shamatanic, a third full-length phenomenon that sharpensContinue reading “SATURNIAN MIST Achieves Gnosis on Shamatanic”