Partaking in the Dreaded Sacrament – An Interview with KRVNA

            A nightside intoxication persists from the bloody offerings consumed through For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh, with their potency carrying the immortal reign of KRVNA to greater levels of triumph. After my review indulged in this feast for the blackened senses, Australia’s decadent crypts were unsealed once more for a conversation withContinue reading “Partaking in the Dreaded Sacrament – An Interview with KRVNA”

Analysis | SERMON Preaches Extinction Through Till Birth Do Us Part

            Colossal forces have been heralded in the return of SERMON, who’ve awakened like the Ancient Ones from a slumber dating back to 2004, and these Turkish doom-purveyors seek to reclaim the prestige of their early demos with a vengeful resurgence. This 2021 revival was followed by three new tracks unveiled last year, and nowContinue reading “Analysis | SERMON Preaches Extinction Through Till Birth Do Us Part”

Report | DOOMAS – R’lyeh

            The Slovakian cultists DOOMAS have called forth their latest manifestation of dread, which is titled after the lost mythical city where Cthulhu dwells, and R’lyeh captures the essence of that nightmarish realm in its deep aural currents. This atmosphere is conjured through various elements, including a stormy and oceanic introduction on “Cult Yog-Sothoth,” andContinue reading “Report | DOOMAS – R’lyeh”

Analysis | HØSTSOL Raises Uncreation with L​ä​nge Leve Dö​den

            Annihilation has arrived in a mutual plague cast by THE SINISTER INITIATIVE and AVANTGARDE MUSIC, which joins prominent artists from entities including MANES, AJATTARA, and SHINING into the malignance hailed as HØSTSOL, a name aptly reflecting the bleakness perceived before imminent demise. Its claws extend to the cold beyond on this first full offering,Continue reading “Analysis | HØSTSOL Raises Uncreation with L​ä​nge Leve Dö​den”

THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2022

            It may be a bit late, but I’ve been exceedingly busy these days. The constant battles with internal demons, computer issues, also a recent familial loss (RIP to my Grandma K), and everything else billowing like the smoke from life’s perpetual dumpster fire, has suffocated endlessly along the way. On a better and personalContinue reading “THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2022”

Spiraling Through the Endless Region – An Interview with Midgard of OUIJA

            An all-consuming vortex has become manifest through Fathomless Hysteros, and its uncompromising force persists in ravaging our space and time dimensions, with grand melodic and hostile elements of both contemporary and classic aeons coursing throughout its dark matter. A review of this striking new abomination from OUIJA was followed by the honor of conversingContinue reading “Spiraling Through the Endless Region – An Interview with Midgard of OUIJA”

Analysis | FEELING WORTHLESS Commits to Demise on CDVR

            Last year was set to be laid to rest when I crossed paths with this dejected entity from Mexico, who first emerged during the treacherous 2020 era with an EP titled Jornadas de Automutilación, and that formative abyss has since extended to a couple of split releases. This past December then saw the unleashingContinue reading “Analysis | FEELING WORTHLESS Commits to Demise on CDVR”

Embracing the Profane Mysteries – An Interview with VRYKOLAKAS

            A gateway to the unfathomable seethes within Singapore, and VRYKOLAKAS are at the head of its rising abominations as they wreak endless atrocities upon mankind. I eventually contacted this infernal entity after multiple reviews over years past, and a response echoed throughout the deepest chasms from their guitarist and original brutalizer, Khairil, who providesContinue reading “Embracing the Profane Mysteries – An Interview with VRYKOLAKAS”

Analysis | MOEROR Embraces the Depths on All That We Seem

            Inspired forms of darkness have long distinguished the extreme Hellenic scene, and its unlimited potential continues on this latest incarnation from MOEROR. After carving an identity that struck notably among the urban psychosis of 2020’s The Ghosts of Amour Propre, these experimentalists endured the untimely passing of their vocalist, X., who is also knownContinue reading “Analysis | MOEROR Embraces the Depths on All That We Seem”

Analysis | EMPTY Raises the Affliction on Omnia Amet Lorem

            If there was ever a cause to abandon all faith in humanity, our recent plague certainly delivered in spades, and those already tending toward this outlook were easily reinforced by its effects. As body counts rose along with the despicable side of human nature, Spain attempted to restore hope in society through the wordsContinue reading “Analysis | EMPTY Raises the Affliction on Omnia Amet Lorem”