Inquisition Returns with Black Mass for a Mass Grave

          One of the bigger Black Metal names in recent years, and rightly so, Inquisition is back with an album whose title could describe the unfortunate aftermath of these times as we progress through the twilight of 2020. Its end can’t come soon enough if you ask me, but in the meantime Black Mass forContinue reading “Inquisition Returns with Black Mass for a Mass Grave”

Beherit Drops “Bardo Exist” from the Shadows

          The legendary Beherit has finally resurfaced with their first full-length release of new music since 2009’s “Engram.” It’s been a long wait for sure. I know I’ve been wondering what Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance has been up to all this time, and now in 2020 we have an answer with “Bardo Exist,” an album that’sContinue reading “Beherit Drops “Bardo Exist” from the Shadows”

Darkenhӧld Evokes the Epic Side of the Dark Ages with “Arcanes & Sortilèges”

            The Medieval Times and Black Metal go together like blood on steel. While other bands have also explored this territory, Darkenhӧld specializes in channeling the spirit of the Middle Ages through Black Metal to create epic musical journeys. The fifth offering from this French outfit, “Arcanes & Sortilèges,” shows them doing what they doContinue reading “Darkenhӧld Evokes the Epic Side of the Dark Ages with “Arcanes & Sortilèges””

Sorcier Des Glaces brings the Cold with “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang”

The wizards of ice return after 2 years with their new album “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang,” and prove once again that Canada stands with their Scandinavian counterparts as a landmark for some of the most frostbitten Black Metal in the scene. Translating in English to “A World of Ice and Blood,” theContinue reading “Sorcier Des Glaces brings the Cold with “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang””

Enslaved “Utgard” album review

I’m going to disclose at the start here that progressive music isn’t really my thing, but I make exceptions for a band like Enslaved. These Norwegians started out as a more traditional sounding Black Metal band with Viking and Folk themes, but they also have an experimental tendency which really began taking hold on 2000’sContinue reading “Enslaved “Utgard” album review”