Ascension Through Futility – An Interview with NIHILISM

            Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance is a mind-bending journey that NIHILISM recently unloosed on the planes of our existence, and my review led to questions that I had the opportunity to discuss with the creative force projecting its demented fury. Now that it’s had time to wreak proper havoc, we will delve further into the hellish chaos of this work to explore the process of its creation, the surrounding concepts, corresponding art, and what lies ahead for NIHILISM.

Congratulations on the release of Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance! The name NIHILISM may be self-explanatory, but would you like to introduce the band and share more details about the ideology behind it?

At First, thanks for your interest in our music.

Nihilism is a strictly conceptual group of individuals with very specific ideologies and beliefs, hovering above each and every decision or action within this project.

Except for the three of us, the ones who manifest some specific words through our music, there is also a big pack of other people surrounding us, supporting, and acting by the same principals as we do.

Praising, but yet not glorifying Nihilism as an ideology. Embracing the futility of existence, just for the sake of feeling free.

An approximate English translation of the album title is “Cataclysm to Ascension.” What insight can you offer on its main concepts?

”Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance” is an endless journey, deep into the obscure psychosynthetic experience each and every one of us undergo throughout what is so called, existence. Setting questions and seeking answers towards witnessing the inevitably constant conflict, between logical conclusions or not and emotionally driven actions, is what we perceive as a small step in order to ”ascend” as human beings.

There is a dynamic expansion of sound between Obscurite Noir and Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance. Can you describe the thought process behind this progression?

We think that it is within the essence of everyone’s existence, expanding the vision and evolving towards what anyone might conceive as better. The same thing is what we are trying to do with our sound. Progressing and expanding the elements of our music, whilst staying respectful to our beliefs, is a vital aspect of Nihilism.

The album cover features impressive artwork from Maximos Manolis. What is your interpretation of this cover art, particularly with the significance of the lion and winged figure?

The artwork of the album is an interpretation of the contrasts that characterize ”Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance,” or our lives as a whole. The polarity between dissonance and harmony, emotion and logic, is what we wanted and tried to portray, in a metaphorical way, with these two figures on the album’s cover.

You recently filmed a music video for “Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance II.” How was this experience and what comments do you have on the depictions in the video?

We really wanted to bring our content to life by expanding it to other forms as well, and that’s by using the visual arts. We can’t deny that we were very skeptical over it, but after we had settled our very inner aversion towards exposure, we think that something decent and sincere was filmed.

In the past you’ve referenced quotes from Renzo Novatore. What other figures have inspired you? Is there a specific work that’s been personally influential?

Renzo Novatore is one of the philosophers whose words we are deeply connected to. Along with Søren Kierkegaard, Max Stirner or Friedrich Nietzsche, he is one of the figures that inspire our work. Of course, any single word of these great philosophers has to be greatly questioned, despite their overall reputation or the philosophical heirlooms they have gifted us throughout the centuries.

It seems we may be in the twilight of the pandemic. What are you looking forward to the most when things eventually return to normal?

Even though we think that, this is a good opportunity to explore our inner selves and most importantly, take a glimpse and set questions about the overall totalitarian stench that hovers around the whole globe at the moment. There are still things that we all miss. Live shows and tours are the ones we are looking forward the most.

What are your thoughts on the future direction of NIHILISM and its sound?

We can’t be certain about the future direction of Nihilism. Yet, we can assure, firstly to ourselves and then towards our fans, that we will stay true to our principals, our beliefs and of course, towards the experimentation and progression of our sound.

Thanks so much for the interview! Are there any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Nihilism as an ideology is something to be experienced and put in action, not something only to be read by what some great minds and philosophers have put on a paper. Salvation or Ascendance comes to the ones who seek it.

Thank you for your time.

Toward the creative nothing, we are Nihilism.

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