KRVNA Summons Eternal Night on Sempinfernus

            Power. Immortality. Mystique. These are some of the qualities possessed by one of folklore’s most notorious entities, and its likeness is thoroughly personified in a new manifestation from the ancient crypts of Australia. The origin of this being was introduced a couple of months back on Long Forgotten Relic, and now KRVNA is set to follow this compelling demo with a full demonstration of wrath titled Sempinfernus. The 90’s aura proves a fitting medium for the undead countenance this work represents, with a mutual rejuvenation occurring in the union of these two lifeforces, and their energetic exchange is mirrored through fierce orchestrations with an atmosphere to match the dark allure. A classic black metal influence is expanded across time by the songcraft of KRVNA, which also parallels the legendary vampire ethos, and Sempinfernus is an enchanting journey into its surrounding history and lore.

            Dreary notes creep from the shadows with an awakening ghoulish presence on “From the Shades of Hades…,” and these formative elements take flight in multiple distorted layers with the percussive onset and bloodthirsty screams. A warped background tone rises over tremolo melodies that circulate through striking power, and its elevated point transfers to frenzied blast beats while a pulsating course is pursued by the melodies. This converges with the heavy rhythm for a profound looming effect, and tremolos appear with a distinct heightened pitch when the structures morph. A malevolent astral vortex is formed by the gathering energies, along with other transpiring details, and it culminates during an altered pace with prominent cymbal taps. The intensity dissipates to reveal a vast aura beyond, with double bass emerging to drive its flow, and disembodied influences are noted before soloing sends this underworldly track soaring toward its counterpart on “…To the Târgoviśtean Night.” Grand emanations unfold from a solemn outset, with melancholy that leads across the subtle ambience, and hostility tears into this dark splendor with a rage matched by the vocal ferocity. Melodic features take shape within the developing mass, where a bending break with harmonics is followed by further severity, and spoken grimness escalates alongside tremolo melodies that reach epic immensity. They unravel with an evocative timing in their progressions, which induces prolonged entrancement until fading back to obscurity.

            A focus is directed to instrumental majesty on “The triumph of the Flesh Over the Spirit,” and tremolo melodies weave hypnotically through the imposing atmosphere. Its magnificence ascends with intoxicating leadwork and a bleakness that drifts into “Timeless… Ageless,” where the tremolo descent carries this vein amongst heavy menacing strikes. An accented beat proceeds together with inhuman screams, and ambient nuances are also observed before unleashing a vicious attack. The depth of brooding distortions gives contrast to the higher leading tremolos, and these forces intertwine while progressing with timed alterations toward an expanding grandeur. This aura transforms but endures when the fury relents for a slower pace, and its impact is then elevated by double bass, which leads to a resounding triumph on “The Eve of Eternal Sunset.” It commences with ruinous bass lines until melodies arise, and their flow evolves with rhythmic emphasis to prelude a foreboding shift. The icy presence of death is evoked in a whirl of spectral riff currents, along with vocals to personify its supreme wrath, and it advances with epic mutations that turn malignant when deeper tones emerge. The notes of a melodic interlude are joined by piano keys as this orchestrated might resumes, and it prevails for a conclusive display of its everlasting vitality.

            Vampirism is also projected in lyrical lore, beginning with the first appearance on “From the Shades of Hades…” as “A spectre arises from grounds now accursed.” This being, who “Long dead now creeps amongst shadows,” possesses immortality and an “Insatiable allure” toward the living. These attributes extend to acts and mannerisms depicting how “It revels at delivering gasps and last breaths, to carry us vilely toward our sweet deaths,” and it futilely searches for an end with the passing time. This only leads deeper through the night, and also to the Wallachian past on “…To the Târgoviśtean Night,” where “Bloodlust equals a threat met with iron.” References to the “Order of the Dragon” and “Dracul’s might” evoke the historical context, with the limitless brutality of those times peaking when “The bloodied chalice” is “Consumed tonight, this night in Târgoviște.” These described rituals spark legends that thrive in the shadows over centuries.

            A relentless continuation is celebrated, with “Incarnate – of gods!” being among the affirmations on “Timeless… Ageless,” and the vampiric omnipresence is illustrated further by encompassing numerous entities together with other locations impacted by the folklore. “The Eve of Eternal Sunset” brings final inflictions from “The scourge throughout the ages” when temples fall to “A fate worse than death” at nightfall, and a ruthless execution ensues as the living are “Drowning in oceans of black blood.” Everything else inevitably succumbs to decay over time, but the vampire remains unscathed and enthroned triumphant. These texts trace its bloodlines back to their murky origins, which reflect the music in ancient imagery viewed through the vampire’s eyes, and its disposition relating to humanity and time are also effectively captured throughout.

            KRVNA has seized on the potency of his introduction with Sempinfernus, and it embeds melodies with leadwork in a mass of cold riffing darkness, which then reaches imposing levels of intensity that linger for maximum effect. While it’s not always easy to articulate the vibrations perceived in music, the energies radiating here are distinctly vampiric. An undead predatory stench beneath the immortal grandeur is grimly apparent, and its complete prolific nature is conveyed by joining majesty with savagery. These formidable arrangements conjure ruins from Târgoviște ’s highest tower down to the catacombs beneath while inspiring awe to match the impaled forest between. They express all aspects of this intriguing creature from myth to history, and I look forward to seeing what KRVNA will unearth in the future. Until then, Sempinfernus is a spellbinding venture into its shadowy realms that shouldn’t be missed, and like the vampire, its power will surely endure across time’s endless expanse.

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