Brief Reports From August 2022

            The scorching lifeforce of this year is entering a state of decline, but great metal releases continue to emerge with unrelenting vigor, and now it’s time to explore a few that took form during the last month of Summer. This selection features some newer entities alongside others who are firmly established, with experimentation andContinue reading “Brief Reports From August 2022”

Brief Reports from July 2022

            Time continues its perpetual course as the second half of this year is firmly underway, and with the passing of another month comes a point to reflect on some of its worthwhile offerings. Multiple styles are explored on this selection, with the spectrum progressing from raw blackened hellishness through dissonant black/death malevolence and onwardContinue reading “Brief Reports from July 2022”

Brief Reports From June 2022

            The second half of 2022 is already upon us, and with the rising inferno of this season comes an equally harsh collection of new releases to explore. As humanity pursues a degenerative course, these dark arts record its inevitable downfall while providing an outlet and escape from our perpetual shitstorm, and infernal forces areContinue reading “Brief Reports From June 2022”

Brief Reports From May 2022

           This year is already on the verge of its halfway point, and with the elevating heat comes a continual abundance of captivating releases to experience. Immersive settings with mythical and psychedelic properties are the focus of this selection from May, and they traverse various ancient eras along with some other trailblazing territories. The transcendenceContinue reading “Brief Reports From May 2022”

Brief Reports from April 2022

            The second quarter of the year is underway, and as time continues passing at full speed, the moment now arrives to focus on some great works from April. Styles extending from raw and primitive origins toward progressive areas are highlighted in this selection of concise reviews, and they likewise explore ruins of ancient loreContinue reading “Brief Reports from April 2022”

Brief Reports From March 2022

            Time is fleeting as we’ve already crossed into the second quarter of 2022, and with the continued farce of our existence comes a concise dose of distinguished releases that actualized during March. Powers from various black sorceries and entities are seized on this collection while typifying the ferocity and majesty of their arts, andContinue reading “Brief Reports From March 2022”

Brief Reports From February 2022

            The second chapter of the new year has passed, and with that comes the time for reflection on some new standout efforts from February. This also comes with a side thought since certain world events can’t be ignored. The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows we must be doomed to pass continually fromContinue reading “Brief Reports From February 2022”

Brief Reports from January 2022

            The new year is off to a relentless start for metal, and much promise has already been revealed for the months ahead. As we progress through the heart of winter it becomes time to reflect on some great works that were encountered during the period of renewal, and this selection contains numerous grim andContinue reading “Brief Reports from January 2022”

Five December Releases to Close the Year

            We’ve reached the end of the last month for this year, and it wouldn’t be right to conclude without giving due attention to some great releases from this transitory period. December surely had a lot to offer, and it sees 2021 through on a strong note with the powerful energies of this selection. HereContinue reading “Five December Releases to Close the Year”

Five Nefarious Releases From November

            The end is fast approaching as we cross into the last month of 2021, and many great releases still need covered before reaching the next annual beginning. This selection from November reflects the harsh incoming climate, with diverse layers of frost and darkness conveyed in elaborate songwriting, and death is also glorified along withContinue reading “Five Nefarious Releases From November”