THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2022

            It may be a bit late, but I’ve been exceedingly busy these days. The constant battles with internal demons, computer issues, also a recent familial loss (RIP to my Grandma K), and everything else billowing like the smoke from life’s perpetual dumpster fire, has suffocated endlessly along the way. On a better and personalContinue reading “THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2022”

THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2021

            The transition to 2022 has arrived, and reflections on the foregoing year show it presented its own challenges as we continue reeling from the occurrences of 2020. While regularly voicing my contempt for the ignorance and other miserable aspects of humanity plaguing our shared existence on this planet, I also wish to express anContinue reading “THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2021”


            On this day last year, THE MISANTHREPORT became physically manifest with an introduction and very first review. There wasn’t much in the way of expectations when this blog began, and while there is much more to accomplish in the endless continuum ahead, it’s been an interesting venture and I’m truly humbled by the responseContinue reading “One Year of THE MISANTHREPORT”

The Misanthreport’s Top 10 Albums of 2020

            The end of 2020 is finally here. It’s been a challenging year for sure. In some ways it’s been flat out ridiculous. Many have had their lives turned upside down. Some lost their jobs and livelihoods while others suffered devastating losses from the unfortunate occurrences of this year. It’s been interesting to observe howContinue reading “The Misanthreport’s Top 10 Albums of 2020”