Report | AD OMEGA – Aphelic Ascent

            A new venture into the mysteries is currently radiating from Italy, with the intensity of its formulas striving to reconfigure the cosmos, and their ominous shapes are apparent right from the opening notes of “Dysangelium.” Tremolos evoke dread as a heavier dissonance sets in among glaring riff pulsations, and blasting paces drive a frenzy that breaks with the reverberating of some unusual disharmonic effects. Disturbed manifestations are rampant throughout, and they include the arpeggiations circulating within a chaotic mass on “Profane Mystic Crown,” along with other tranced-out currents raising bleakness over its cataclysmic layers. Evasive drum maneuvers demonstrate a transformative turbulence during slower passages, and this versatility extends to industrial beats on “Solvet Cosmos In Favilla,” where the void is further recognized in aural entities traversing its raw and contorted riffing plane. Those earlier melodic tones multiply and interact with an escalating madness, which is paralleled in the multi-dimensional havoc of vocals, and “Aphelion (Interlude)” effectively gathers the instrumental properties for its transient but concentrated focus on oblivion.

            Many different regions are forged by these qualities, and “Stellar Heritage” seamlessly incorporates both grandeur and malign strains within its designs. Ambience and tremolos evolve at multiple levels while fretted details infuse turmoil amid heavier strikes, and transcendent points are attained through the swelling of this elemental multiverse. A break into militarized drumming is also noted, along with vocals projecting their monstrosity from beneath some molten pit, and an extensive display of grand and grim duality is then reflected in “The Bitterest Heart.” A cosmic distinction is emitted by certain tremolo melodies, and their epic substance gives contrast to other sinister courses, where derangement becomes pronounced in notes that creep across rapid blasting forces. Detailed percussive varieties compound the harmonic possession on “Triumph of Void,” and its consuming influence is conveyed when lead currents amplify the surrounding bleak expanse. Desolation follows in the arpeggiated forms of “Cosmic Demise,” and warped string elevations accommodate a rhythm proceeding toward the last immersion with chaos. Only the industrial traces of a hostile vacuum remain, with a haunting presence that definitively seals this union, and ultimately, the tortuous craft forwarded on Aphelic Ascent seizes a mighty subconscious encounter.

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