Report | NEMESIS SOPOR – Firmament

            Black arts forge ahead on the newest offering from NEMESIS SOPOR, and different features align within its extremity to liberate multifarious aural dimensions. This is observed at the onset of “Detritus,” where ominous effects launch into blasts and disturbed tremolo layers, and these progress with dissonant and elevated points while clean strings create ethereal areas throughout. Their essence is occasionally matched with deep folkish or whispered vocals, and harsh commands are also pronounced as turbulence is pursued across the orchestrations. Lead melodies and other details arise in the riffing, along with a distinct overlap between clean and distorted textures, and they proceed with rhythmic maneuvers that sustain the influence of an opening track. Grand auras are magnified on “Argus,” after moving beyond its dreary introduction, and versatile drumming parallels the fretwork on a path laden with intricate developments. Those designs contain the substance marking adept levels of songcraft, with an epic force that drives captivation and repeat explorations.

            The clean-stringed aspects are key to these compositional realms, with desolation and psychedelia being among their multitude, and “Apsis” becomes haunted as they echo disharmony over its malign core. Melodies extend from this shadowy eminence to inflict a compounding strike, and other courses descend with an intoxicated emphasis amid the chaos and majesty, which is enhanced by leadwork before drifting toward the bleakness of “Paresis.” It bears down through various instrumental forms, including the dismal tone of tremolos carried alongside heavy trudging rhythms, and melodic intricacies also abound with an energy further reflected in vocal anguish. Some distinctly warped currents disintegrate into a calm that effectively amplifies the cold and crushing attack of “Monument,” but a grandiose presence remains while brooding and arpeggiated strings glare from its concentrated gathering of malevolence. Atmospheric notes are observed harmonizing with the riff intensity until transferring to “Wall,” where a sinister groove highlights the final union between elemental contrasts, and a fierce display of those features culminates in soloing to seal a work of sophisticated darkness. There is much to be uncovered within the labyrinthian structures of Firmament, and its formulas undoubtedly drive the sound of NEMESIS SOPOR to higher planes of achievement.

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