Review | BRUTE Executes Bludgeoning Precision on Essence of Tyranny

            One of death metal’s definitive qualities is personified by this Slovakian entity, and BRUTE is precisely the style of force exerted on their fourth mighty slab titled Essence of Tyranny. This blunt or barbarous approach is only one aspect of the attack, however, and it drives the proliferation of various fretted patterns and techniquesContinue reading “Review | BRUTE Executes Bludgeoning Precision on Essence of Tyranny”

Review | BLACK FUCKING CANCER Spreads Malign Wrath on Procreate Inverse

            A malignance is doomed to metastasize in the USA with the imminent release of Procreate Inverse, and it carries the raw hostility from the self-titled debut of BLACK FUCKING CANCER into elevated chaos and savagery. These energies are harnessed to compose plaguelike embodiments that roam across the blackened spectrum, with the genre’s origins assertingContinue reading “Review | BLACK FUCKING CANCER Spreads Malign Wrath on Procreate Inverse”

Brief Reports From February 2022

            The second chapter of the new year has passed, and with that comes the time for reflection on some new standout efforts from February. This also comes with a side thought since certain world events can’t be ignored. The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows we must be doomed to pass continually fromContinue reading “Brief Reports From February 2022”

Review | IMMOLATION Scorches Through Darkness on Acts of God

            A brooding glare rises with the eleventh full creation from one of classic death metal’s most revered names, and its power attacks the corruption lurking behind humanity’s institutional facades. IMMOLATION is known for incorporating darker shades within their breed of brutality, and Acts of God maximizes this aspect in the crushing imposition of itsContinue reading “Review | IMMOLATION Scorches Through Darkness on Acts of God”

Review | HEXEREI Calls Forth Nefarious Might on Ancient Evil Spirits

            An effort conjured last year is now becoming physically realized through Sentient Ruin Laboratories, and it introduces one of Finland’s newest hostilities in the form of HEXEREI, whose arrival brings the full wrath and possession of Ancient Evil Spirits to our material plane. This title speaks for itself, and it directs malevolence with primevalContinue reading “Review | HEXEREI Calls Forth Nefarious Might on Ancient Evil Spirits”

Brief Reports from January 2022

            The new year is off to a relentless start for metal, and much promise has already been revealed for the months ahead. As we progress through the heart of winter it becomes time to reflect on some great works that were encountered during the period of renewal, and this selection contains numerous grim andContinue reading “Brief Reports from January 2022”

Review | SPARTAN Conquers with the Might Of Kings and Gods

            An ancient past is awakened as SPARTAN returns with their second full-length epic, and it possesses mighty attributes to reflect the apt title Of Kings and Gods. Tales surrounding these ruling forces are portrayed through a power and melodic death metal alliance, where detailed fretwork and rhythms forge ahead with conspiring vocal commands,Continue reading “Review | SPARTAN Conquers with the Might Of Kings and Gods”

Review | BEHOLDER Conjures Malignant Forms on Arcane Subreptice

            The year is off to a vicious start as Canada’s BEHOLDER casts their newest creation into these wretched times, and Arcane Subreptice advances the dark pursuit initiated on 2019’s Ancien Monde with a full dose of wrath. Clandestine formulas produce numerous malevolent energies within a cold thrashing fury, and other influences are also encounteredContinue reading “Review | BEHOLDER Conjures Malignant Forms on Arcane Subreptice”

THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2021

            The transition to 2022 has arrived, and reflections on the foregoing year show it presented its own challenges as we continue reeling from the occurrences of 2020. While regularly voicing my contempt for the ignorance and other miserable aspects of humanity plaguing our shared existence on this planet, I also wish to express anContinue reading “THE MISANTHREPORT’s Top Albums of 2021”

Five December Releases to Close the Year

            We’ve reached the end of the last month for this year, and it wouldn’t be right to conclude without giving due attention to some great releases from this transitory period. December surely had a lot to offer, and it sees 2021 through on a strong note with the powerful energies of this selection. HereContinue reading “Five December Releases to Close the Year”