Review | ARCHGOAT Illuminates on Worship the Eternal Darkness

            Darkness often reveals a path toward the hidden light, and it’s the light of Lucifer being pursued by these distinguished Finnish masters. The course of past releases continues to evolve as ARCHGOAT returns with their latest unholy offering titled Worship the Eternal Darkness, and it steadily delivers their signature barbarism while employing other elementsContinue reading “Review | ARCHGOAT Illuminates on Worship the Eternal Darkness”

A Trip Beyond the Ordinary – An Interview with fra. Zetekh of SATURNIAN MIST

            The outcome of a long-awaited return has taken form with Shamatanic, and its massive imprint continues to resonate throughout the universal fabric. After reviewing this highly anticipated work, I had the honor of discussing it with the lead warrior and sorcerer, fra. Zetekh, who shares valuable insights into the many influences involved in itsContinue reading “A Trip Beyond the Ordinary – An Interview with fra. Zetekh of SATURNIAN MIST”

Review | CRADLE OF FILTH Orchestrates Epic Dread on Existence is Futile

            For the past year or so, the product of ominous intuitions stemming from overpopulation has been confined to the shadows, but now it finally comes to light as the UK legends unveil their newest opus titled Existence is Futile. Its design shows CRADLE OF FILTH taking a nihilistic approach to grandeur in a conspiringContinue reading “Review | CRADLE OF FILTH Orchestrates Epic Dread on Existence is Futile”

Five Nefarious Releases From November

            The end is fast approaching as we cross into the last month of 2021, and many great releases still need covered before reaching the next annual beginning. This selection from November reflects the harsh incoming climate, with diverse layers of frost and darkness conveyed in elaborate songwriting, and death is also glorified along withContinue reading “Five Nefarious Releases From November”

Through the Darkened Past – An Interview with KRVNA

            A new malevolent being has risen from the shadows of time, and our modern masses are subject to its insatiable thirst as KRVNA unleashes the wrath of Sempinfernus. After exploring the ancient ruins of this magnificent work in a review, I had the honor of speaking with the master behind its creation, Krvna VatraContinue reading “Through the Darkened Past – An Interview with KRVNA”

Review: GRÀB Embraces the Beyond on Zeitlang

            Death gradually becomes an acquaintance as life progresses, and its final embrace is inevitable at some point along the path. The approach of this end stage is often accompanied by lifetime contemplations and a withdrawal from society, along with a newfound strength while joining with darkness, and these tendencies aren’t just limited to elders,Continue reading “Review: GRÀB Embraces the Beyond on Zeitlang”

KRVNA Summons Eternal Night on Sempinfernus

            Power. Immortality. Mystique. These are some of the qualities possessed by one of folklore’s most notorious entities, and its likeness is thoroughly personified in a new manifestation from the ancient crypts of Australia. The origin of this being was introduced a couple of months back on Long Forgotten Relic, and now KRVNA is setContinue reading “KRVNA Summons Eternal Night on Sempinfernus”

 Five New Entities that Haunted October

            Frost is taking hold as the year continues into its late stages, but the relentless strength of metal is evident with these selections from October. A raw darkness endures while including progressive nuances, and it also drifts into psychedelia while battlefields and the abyss take wondrous symphonic form. Bleakness is especially pronounced at varyingContinue reading ” Five New Entities that Haunted October”


            On this day last year, THE MISANTHREPORT became physically manifest with an introduction and very first review. There wasn’t much in the way of expectations when this blog began, and while there is much more to accomplish in the endless continuum ahead, it’s been an interesting venture and I’m truly humbled by the responseContinue reading “One Year of THE MISANTHREPORT”

SATURNIAN MIST Achieves Gnosis on Shamatanic

            I first discovered these Finnish wizards back in 2015 with their second grimoire titled Chaos Magick, and to me it was one of the most unique works in recent years. I’ve been eagerly waiting for more new material since then, and now SATURNIAN MIST have returned with Shamatanic, a third full-length phenomenon that sharpensContinue reading “SATURNIAN MIST Achieves Gnosis on Shamatanic”