Five December Releases to Close the Year

            We’ve reached the end of the last month for this year, and it wouldn’t be right to conclude without giving due attention to some great releases from this transitory period. December surely had a lot to offer, and it sees 2021 through on a strong note with the powerful energies of this selection. HereContinue reading “Five December Releases to Close the Year”

Five Nefarious Releases From November

            The end is fast approaching as we cross into the last month of 2021, and many great releases still need covered before reaching the next annual beginning. This selection from November reflects the harsh incoming climate, with diverse layers of frost and darkness conveyed in elaborate songwriting, and death is also glorified along withContinue reading “Five Nefarious Releases From November”

 Five New Entities that Haunted October

            Frost is taking hold as the year continues into its late stages, but the relentless strength of metal is evident with these selections from October. A raw darkness endures while including progressive nuances, and it also drifts into psychedelia while battlefields and the abyss take wondrous symphonic form. Bleakness is especially pronounced at varyingContinue reading ” Five New Entities that Haunted October”

 Five Releases for a Somber September

            Another month passes while entering the final quarter of 2021, and a grim outlook prevails with this selection of great releases from September. Various dark dimensions are explored through these soundscapes, with some reviving the 90’s and others venturing further into a mythical past. Phantasmic shapes are rampant along with shadowy depictions of theContinue reading ” Five Releases for a Somber September”

 Five Exemplary Arrivals from August

            Another month is gone and the new horizon brings a dying Summer. As we enter this next seasonal transition, the time becomes to reflect on some other great releases that wreaked havoc during August. This collection highlights a variety of expressions from old-school to progressive, and with influences from many subgenres while conjuring theirContinue reading ” Five Exemplary Arrivals from August”

Five Supreme Releases from July

            The second half of 2021 is upon us, and with July now in the past it’s time to highlight a few great releases that captured my interest during the last month. These selections offer the classic black metal sound and venture into black/death territory while exploring a variety of moods and epic settings. OfContinue reading “Five Supreme Releases from July”

Five Sinister Expressions from June

            Another month passes while time continues its relentless course, and we now force a pause to explore some other noteworthy efforts from June. These selections also demonstrate a range of atmospheric potential within their grim personalities, along with prominent melodic tendencies and other dynamics. Of course, many other great releases are eluding notice atContinue reading “Five Sinister Expressions from June”

Five Massive Releases from May

            The year continues heating up in terms of seasonal climate, but the same is true for Metal, and now it’s time to reflect on some other great releases that surfaced last month. These selections highlight the atmospheric quality of Black Metal with ventures into dark fantasy, winter forests, ancient civilizations, and countless other imaginativeContinue reading “Five Massive Releases from May”

Five Releases that Blackened April

            This year has offered many great albums so far, but it’s clear that Metal in 2021 is just beginning to leave its mark. April had a number of highlights that affirm Black Metal and its grimness will remain long after the last snows have passed, and glimpses ahead show there will be much moreContinue reading “Five Releases that Blackened April”

Five Highlights from March

            The first quarter of the year has passed, and with April firmly in progress it’s time to recognize a few other great releases that I encountered during the last month. This selection offers many shades of darkness worth exploring, and I encourage any thoughts or comments on other albums from March that deserve mention.Continue reading “Five Highlights from March”