Report | DIONE – Cosmosphere

            Endlessly fascinating and symbolic forms are found in the regions outside our earthly sphere, and LDB, who concurrently masterminds the dissonant black death auras of EMBARLA FIRGASTO, has spawned a lawless new embodiment of their wonders. Its ancient Greek designation of DIONE is also shared with a Saturnian lunar entity, and notable encounters take hold on this first voyage titled Cosmosphere, beginning when “Moon” launches into a chaotic elemental multiverse. Blasting and grooved alternations are traversed by an entrancing melodic course, which evokes a cosmic likeness amid the surrounding riff void, and distorted vocal transmissions compound the hostility as other menacing variations unfold. They are marked in tremolo currents that escalate to a disharmonic point, along with slower fluctuations highlighting the cataclysm from percussive designs, and these stride into another stellar collision between multiple layers. Its cold notes descend with emphasis alongside other unsettling strikes, and the ambience of a haunting vacuum soon emerges to capitalize on their impact.

            Torments intensify through the warped tides of “Cosmological Fractals” where dissonant glares match the eeriness of different intervallic notes, and these energies are paralleled with a drumming frenzy to orchestrate turbulence. This effect is especially pronounced when a lightspeed thrashing proceeds in the riffage, and it contrasts with the flow of later areas directing a bleak and melodic convergence. The concentrated darkness here transfers to ominous vibrations on “From Obliteration to Macrocosm,” and they form an arpeggiated and pulsing riff strike that further exemplifies a capacity for structural dynamism. A drift into desolation gives rise to other tonal influences, with their dreary but grand impressions maximized by an aural presence, and chaos prevails until reaching the final destination on “Resonance Above the Unknown.” Militaristic beats are incorporated with its steady pace, and melodies develop to reflect on infinity before fading into the static of oblivion. This work represents a promising initial contact with an alluring universe, and its expansion on becoming efforts will be highly anticipated among cosmic fanatics.

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