Report | TIR – Awaiting the Dawn

            The wondrous landscapes of Australia are matched by its profuse musical talents, and both qualities are joined on this newest meditation from TIR, which also orchestrates an enchanting union between the dungeon synth and dark folk genres. Its potency is illustrated promptly on “C’est La Fin (Part 1),” with solemn guitar and violin acoustics that become enhanced by various synth effects, and an atmospheric array is forged through different interspersed combinations of these elements. Sung vocal layers imbue those auras with further depth, and while lyrical sections are included, a droned style is utilized to elevate the prevailing ancient spirits on “Where Shadows Dance (Part 2).” Spellbound acoustic patterns likewise advance toward “The Mists of the Eternal Meadow,” where intricate picking techniques evolve melodically amid sounds of steady rainfall, and this immersion with nature continues in the forest-dwelling features of “In the Essence of Dying.” Its pace is maintained in rhythmic strums as tambourines reflect a limited percussive influence, and another level of harmony is attained in the parallel course of mythical keys and flutes. They emit a brighter folkish tone here, but it suddenly descends into ominous violin and cello territory, exemplifying dexterous atmospheric contrasts that bring emphasis to a quote affirming purpose within life’s insignificance.

             Mourning intensifies from piano and violin arrangements on “A Letter Hooked to the Cloud,” and they evolve at multiple levels in the absence of guitars, demonstrating a focus on the dungeon side until “Threads of Time” arrives with renewed vibrancy. Its keys and strummed progressions are heightened by the last of vocals to be encountered, and their sparce presence ultimately benefits the whole journey, with enough verses offered to enliven certain areas while leaving several open for contemplation. This piece also brings acoustic details forward, and accented patterns are noted along with some dissonant low-end developments as melodies unfold. These are backed by atmospheric synths that soon regain prominence on “An Unspoken Lament,” where mesmeric and brooding passages follow the initial piano and horn exchange, and its later guitar emergence capitalizes on this textural dynamism. A compositional means to sustain enchantment is notable, especially considering the previous two lengthy tracks, and it continues when acoustics proceed near a flowing stream on “The Path of the Dandelion Seed.” Such instances throughout conjure a highly favored serenity among nature, and this effect joins the final haunting culmination on “Farewell Ballad,” which seals a mighty effort that should appeal to many looking for an adventure beyond the harsher realms.

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